Friday, December 12, 2014

Video: Take a Timelapse Cruise to the Antarctic Peninsula

Most of us won't have the opportunity to visit Antartica ourselves, so we have to find alternate means of visiting that incredibly beautiful place. This video was shot by Andrew Peacock, a medical doctor (and fantastic photographer) who teaches expedition medicine courses. Andrew recently wrapped up just such a course aboard the National Geographic Explorer, a ship operated by Lindblad Expeditions. While he was aboard the Explorer the vessel completed a cruise through the Lemaire Channel, an 11 km (6.8 mile) passage that is just 1600 meters wide at its narrowest point. This leg of his Antarctic journey made for a scenic route, which Andrew captured in timelapse. As you'll see below, this amazing part of the world is simply too beautiful for words.

Thanks to Andrew for sharing this with us. I hope everyone enjoys it.

'National Geographic Explorer' - Lemaire Channel/65ºSouth from on Vimeo.

Video: The First Ascent of K6 West

This remarkable short film takes us on a journey into the Karakoram of Pakistan, where a team of climbers sets out to climb K6 from the Western Route. The video, which is 20 minutes in length, follows mountaineers Raphael Slawinski, Ian Welstead, and Jesse Huey's 2012 expedition, during which they learn about the now-infamous massacre of 10 climbers in Nanga Parbat Base Camp. This gives them pause for their own expedition, with Jesse electing to return home. But Raphael and Ian Proceed, eventually reaching the summit of the 7040 meter (23,097 ft) mountain, which until that point had been unclimbed. If you're a fan of mountaineering on the big peaks, you'll definitely want to watch this.

K6 West from Latitude Photography on Vimeo.

Video: BASE Jumper Completes First Wingsuit High-Five

Wingsuit pilots continue to come up with some great stunts to add to their repertoire. In this video, we see one complete the first flying high-five in an effort to raise funds and awareness for the Project: BASE, an organization whose motto is "Human Flights for Human Rights." The organization is looking to raise funds for charitable endeavors, although looking at their website, it really isn't clear exactly what those endeavors entail. Still, they make a mean looking video, as you'll see below.